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An Account of Beanie Boos Beanie Boos is a type of toys that is produced by TY INC. You could collect more than 100 beanie boos. The production of some beanies has stopped; they are no longer in the market. The beanies hit the US shelves in the year 2009 for the first time. The Beanie Boos that made a debut in the US include: Bamboo the panda, Bubblegum the koala, Slush the Husky, Waddles the Penguin, Kiwi the frog, and the Peanut the elephant. Though some of the beanies disappeared a short time after the release the people who had bought them still have them. The features of the first beanies changed, and they were also renamed. For example Bubblegum the koala was renamed kooky. The waddles feet changed from orange to blue, the yellow -orange mouth of kiwi changed to pink and so on. The producers of beanies would sometimes produce a new beanie to the market, and before people get used to it, they introduce another kind of beanie and stop the production of the former. That strategy of creating demands through making shortages of supply made people crazy for beanies. They would release a type of beanie boo, and after a short period they stop its production and instead release another type of beanie in its place. This premeditated scarcity made people believe the beanies they buy would shoot at prices after a while. Long before the beanies debuted in the US market the artificial scarcity used to happen. Beanies were adored and still do. Huge collections of beanie boos used to be stocked with people especially when they felt the shortage would come. Beanie mania swept through the whole of the UK and some other parts of western Europe. People had thought that by having huge collections of beanies would make them rich from the resale. It was found however that the artificial shortage was a market strategy to make big sales. Public would sometimes vote to keep the production of beanies still intact. Production of beanies would still go on after the support from the public through votes. Kids plays with beanies while grown-ups show some love by giving out some beanies to other grow ups. You could present someone with some beanies, and they will appreciate for showing them some love. Many people have the huge collection of beanie babies; they cherish them. Love and care are embodied by beanie boos. People could get beanie boos from the toy stress near them there is an option of shipping a beanie of their liking. Buying beanie boos for kids would go a long way in making them happy.

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